Are you a woman that is trying to recover from divorce?

Are you still trying to figure out what life looks like after divorce?

Does the thought of having to change your name, update those close to you, or having to finally take off your ring make you want to hide under the covers?

Do you wish you had someone who could empathetically walk you through this process so you didn’t feel so alone?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you've come to the right place!

After years of being married to the ONE, I had to find the answers to what it meant to divorce and thrive!

After I threw back the covers from hiding and decided that I could still have a life after divorce, I knew I had to support and empower others.

Although I was a smart and professional woman, nothing I had learned up until that point had prepared ME for the onslaught of emotions and new responsibilities that come because of my divorce.

Although I’m the same me, I’ve just learned how to navigate through the tumultuous time between getting a divorce and finding my path back to me.

I’m a licensed clinical social worker that just so happens to also be a certified coach and, was married for 25 years.

With all that I have learned I decided to merge my professional passion with my life experience and offer one on one sessions for women that choose to either use a more confidential setting or do things more on their own. (I also run an 8-week course for women who are looking for a more supportive group experience.

Every woman goes through things in a different way I'm here to help navigate what works best for you!

If you are interested in working one on one I would discuss with you the things that are most important to you and I would find ways in order to assist your feelings or find resources in order to enable you to get past your challenges.

I’m offering a package of eight sessions for $1499.

If you are part of the Divorce and Thrive Academy, you may purchase one on one sessions at eight sessions for $1099.


$1499Eight Sessions

Divorce and Thrive Academy

$1099Eight Sessions

I hear all the time that women that are going through divorce wish that they had something to rely on or someone to talk to I wished that I had the same thing and therefore I developed divorce and thrive.

Please contact me at or my telephone number is 209-628-5231.

Don’t go another day feeling like you’re alone or that there isn’t anyone that can understand your situation. I have the need and the skill set to do so. I’m looking forward to having a consultation with you.