Divorce and Thrive Academy

Heal and Thrive Group

This group will provide a supportive environment as well as an educational experience on topics that will help you through your divorce situation. I wish I would have had something like this to participate in when I was going through my divorce.

This course will help you get through your divorce, and talk one-on-one with me. After this group you will be able to look at topics that will improve your feelings about getting divorced.

Who is this for?

Women that are currently going through a divorce or recently been divorced.

Why should they join this group?

To provide yourself with a support system with structure that helps you take actionable steps to take back control and start to come back to feeling strong and confident. You can start to figure out where to turn, where to go, how to understand what is happening, and how to find your identity again.

What will happen?

We’ll work together on grief, how to communicate with your friends and family with your new status, how to take the right steps legally and financially, developing a support system, overall building a new and improved you!